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Welcome to Calgary!

We are Calgarians who love sharing our city’s hidden — and not so hidden — treasures with visitors and residents alike.  After taking tours in other cities, both walking and bus tours,  and discovering how much more it added to our visit, we decided to create our own tours that let you see our city in a whole new light.

Our walking tours allow you to get up close and personal and provide an excellent experience for you as you have a chance to walk the streets and pathways of Calgary.

Our bus tours provide a way to explore farther reaches of Calgary, listening to guides that provide authentic and often personal insights into the areas you visit.

We invite you to take one of our tours, learn about our rich tradition of art and architecture, and the intriguing stories built into our downtown. Or if you prefer,  arrange for a custom tour tailored to your particular interests (minimum numbers required).

Your Guides

CalgaryWalks was founded and is run by long time Calgarians who have a love of their city, travel, and interacting with new people. Here are our extraordinary (and extra-friendly) guides:

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